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and the SunChaser

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The Dawn Treader is back on track...Ready to go in September!!! And we are having so much fun on Jeff and Rita's farm!

August 2022


The month started with two of the motor home’s faucets developing a leak.
The galley sink has a repair kit, but the sink in the head had a new one installed three years ago.  
Both of these are a standard household fixture which is to say modern “JUNK!” 
The sink is one of those wand types with a single bar and the head has a “Washerles Delta” type that defies replacing the rubber seal.
After five attempts a complete new faucet was installed.      
None of the “Home Improvement” stores had any other choice, all were the same. 
So Dawn the Plumber replaced the internals of the sink faucet.
I would prefer to have two separate faucets but that would require complicated re-plumbing. It seems that this will be the process every three years, as that is about how long they last in the motor home. 
Meanwhile Dawn was able to gather some things from the garden that grew last season.
Some of the new plants are growing but will not produce until later.
I sharpened the blades for the mower and it cuts much better. 
Down by the pond we discovered two Crayfish holes.
They make these pockets to reproduce. The tops can be removed and one can harvest them for a southern Crawfish Étouffée!
We didn’t. 
Two big events happened during this month’s stay, general cleanup and preparing the chipper for auction. 
The chipper needed a simple start solenoid replacement, new battery, and cleaned electric contacts. 
The cleanup day consisted of the crew from the tree guys that rents the space at Jeff's Laundry. 
About a dozen guys showed up and cut down dead trees, and removed them.
Now there are big piles waiting for a time to burn them. 
The garden is starting to produce some of the things we planted. 
We had a home grown cucumber in our salad. 
Our friend, Doug, back in Florida grew some Squash also.
There is an interesting mushroom growing on one of the trees.
Dawn is wondering if it is safe to eat.
It is going to stay where it is! 
Jeff’s tenant left the Bobcat.
Jeff is using it to move two of the Gazebos.
One is going to down by the pond and will be a boon for fishing. 
The other is going to be brought closer to the house. 
Basically, there are two groups of chickens one group which will eventually become fried chicken.
The other group is the laying hens and even though there are eggs collected from both the pens the laying hens are free range. 
However, at night they are returned to their pen to roost. 
Each day Dawn lets them out and collects them again at night.   
They have almost become pets and come running whenever they see us.
I call it Dawn’s Herd. 
Most of what I am doing is just general cleanup and repair of equipment.
Mowing continues especially since we had rain for a solid week!
Jeff is getting stronger and soon our usefulness will be at an end. 
Soon it will be time to head back and this time get the boat underway in the OCEAN! 
We are going to miss our friends and the fun we have had. 
We should have all the “chores” finished in a couple weeks. 
It looks like I will have my last of the three eye shots before we leave.
We really did not miss the travel this year although there were a few friends we have made that we would have liked to visit, but in all it has been one of our best summers yet! 



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