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News from the Dawn Treader

and the SunChaser

September 2021


The Beginning of September finds The SunChaser at Fort Peck Montana.
This has become an annual event since buying the Motor Home in May of 2018.
Last year at this time we received the tragic call about our friends in Texas and made a sprint back to Texas.

This year marks our fourth Labor Day at the Flood Plain Campground and Boat Ramp in Fort Peck, Montana.
For us it is our time to turn south once again.
Generally, we would head back to Florida to continue work on the Sailboat, Dawn Treader.

This year there is so much uncertainty as our government literally is falling apart amid the continued attempts for total takeover.

We have traveled in the generated COVID fears now for 19 months. At this point we are uncertain of our next destination. During our time here we have met some new friends and had great fun with our kayaks as well as used our solar shower to a great advantage.
The total Solar Array has also grown to include a portable 100 Watt panel which brings our total to 570 Watts.

The SunChaser has been electrically independent for over a year now and with the current set up even tree shadow and cloudy weather does not prevent charging the batteries on board.

Last month we met Doug and Ron who were camped from their motorcycles and are both from Wisconsin.
Ron and his wife just bought a new travel trailer and will be traveling shortly. Doug will be visiting Florida sometime later and wants to visit the sailboat. 

 Our other new friend Scott flew in with a De Havilland Beaver. He brought it down from Alaska and stopped off here to refuel. He also sails, and took a trip to Fiji on a 41 foot Catamaran. He also has relatives in Florida and promised to fly out pizza if we would sail to Saint Thomas. 

We made a video of the take off on Youtube.


This year also seems to be a year for some serious maintenance as we are replacing the holding tank valves and last month the refrigerator. Still it has been far less than our sailboat. The new valves will be installed before we leave Fort Peck.
The walk to the town is about a mile. We collected our mail and parts for the motor home there. The Historic Hotel has new owners and they have a dinner buffet Thursday through Sunday. We have had dinner three times there and it was great every time.
We had some wild visitors to our campground, A mother and two young ones came to feast on the crabapples. After the main crowd left and things were quiet we got several visits. Leaving Glasgow. Montana after some shopping, Propane refill, and Lunch some strange noises emanated from the front. It turned out to be the brake pads.
We stayed in Lewistown an extra two days for replacement.

 The shop was overloaded but squeezed in the motor home. The problem was caught early and only needed the pads replaced.
Total cost was $230!

After leaving Lewistown, laundry was done at Edie’s Corner and stayed another night. After breakfast the next morning a stop was made at Big Sky Grocery which is owned and run by an Amish Family. Dawn bought an Acorn Squash, Soup noodles, and Amish Fudge.


The next stop was the Wyoming Welcome Center in Sheridan for the night.
Boat inspection the next morning and on to Casper, Wyoming where the GPS took us to the wrong part of town.

Before heading to Riverside Park, Douglas, Wyoming there will be shopping at Walmart, Dinner at Sanford’s Grub n’ Pub, gas at Sam’s Club. The price of gas went up four cents overnight!


The SunChaser’s path is starting to turn south.
Passing through to Douglas we visited the Ayres Natural Bridge, Douglas, Wyoming. We also took a lunch break and photographed a herd of buffalo heading back to the freeway.

The SunChaser parked at Riverside Park for two days.
Douglas Wyoming is famous for the creation of the Jackalope.


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