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News from the Dawn Treader

and the SunChaser

December 2021

It is the holiday season and we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas as well as remind all what the season is about.
It is the time that Christ came to provide the greatest gift to all mankind.
The month is half over and I have spent the better part recovering from being stupid!
Trying to move a refrigerator for a friend I managed to severely pull a back muscle.
It has taken three weeks and it is almost healed.
We have been provided a place to park by our friends Michael and Melody in Arizona.
The holdup also provided Dawn with an opportunity to be with her mother before she passed on December 15, 2021.
Michael built Dawn a Super Laptop Computer while we were staying at their ranch.
Normally we would have been out of Arizona by this time so my back holdup served two purposes. 
I got a back brace to prevent any future problems as well as help me heal.
Dawn is currently editing another book for our E-Book collection.
This one journals our travels from June 2018 to November 2020 complete with photos. 
As the month progressed my laptop decided to disintegrate so it was returned to Sam’s Club for a complete refund.
Michael had another in the works so mine as well as Dawn’s was replaced.
The timing was uncanny as Dawn’s old one had the screen die two days after hers was finished.
I’m just now reinstalling all the things I had on mine!
The New Year is almost upon us and the newsletter may be late this month as all the computer problems and being laid out six weeks with the back problem.
The trip over to Dawn’s Brother’s house included getting Shredded Beef Tacos at one of our favorites in Tucson and then the dump station.
On the way back we stopped and photographed the Union Pacific Maintenance of Way Train parked on a siding near our off ramp. 
We almost did not get out of Marana for Christmas as it rained so hard we dug trenches getting out.
 Upon return the motor home was parked in a different spot. 
Our next goal is to go to Texas to visit my old sailing mentor who recently bought a Beneteau 361.
After that we will start the trek back to Florida to hopefully get our boat operational again.


We will be heading back to the Dawn Treader soon! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!