We have maintained this web page since 2014 and have shared all the information without cost or subscription. Many have visited this site over the years. Hurricane Ian left our boat (our home) damaged with only liability insurance while it was in “Hurricane Safe” land storage. We are asking, for the first time, that visitors consider a small donation of $1 to help defray the cost of maintaining this web site. Until it is possible to return to living on board we are surviving by the graciousness of friends.

News from the Dawn Treader and the SunChaser

November 2023


News from the Dawn Treader and SunChaser

Big News is that Dawn and I were able to finally Get Married; we were married the day before Thanksgiving, and headed for our honeymoon the day after!
We flew Back from California, land of high gas and taxes!
Work is progressing nicely on Dawn Treader and the diminishment of savings is going also!
By the end of the first week of November the major work was finished.
The mast and most of the rigging was in place and adjusted for tension.
We have relocated some of the parts to the farm for convenience.
The Davits will be finished and the boom re rigged so all should be ready to order sails soon.
The last of the issues remains with our Auxiliary engine.
The normally reliable 1981 Perkins 4-108 Diesel Engine (Between 1958 and1992 a half million were produced)
Many wound up in sailboats and forklifts!
The problem with ours is that the former owner did not take proper care of the engine or the sailboat for that matter!
Before Hurricane Ian hit we had everything except the engine sorted out.
Many parts have been replaced.
These engines are very simple so once it is all sorted out should run well for many years to come.
Back at the farm Lavern and Shirley has taken over the supervisor job when I work on the davits parts.
 Lavern, one of the little hens got tangled and injured.
She spent two days recovering in our motor home.
Now she thinks she’s one of the cats!
Both she and Shirley great us every morning.
We started Our “Honeymoon Trip” with dinner at La Flauta Mexican Grill in Diamond Head Mississippi, and spent the first night at Hancock County Welcome Center Mississippi, probably the Premiere rest stop in the US. 
Our destination is South Padre Island Texas with as stop to visit Ivan and his sailboat.
We had hoped to take both our boats to Saint Thomas but we both have repair issues at this time.
We are still waiting on the Coast Guard for our SBA loan to be completed.
More on our “Honeymoon” next month.

 Our book list has added one more book:


Two Years Behind the Wheel Part One

Road to Freedom

Camping in Comfort

Hurricane Tested - Revised Edition - Now for the Davits

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