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We made it back to the Dawn Treader! Now the Not So Fun begins!!

April 2022


April finds the Dawn Treader back in square one! 
We had the boat in the water twice and we lost Steve’s window to get it OUT because of mostly mechanical problems. 
It would have been nice if the owners of the boatyard would have suggested going back to J&R in the first place since both yards are owned by the same people. 
It would have been about $600 less that way.
Another “I should have asked,” moment as I thought they both charged the same. 


We are paid up until May! 
 This was a bit unkind and when we first came to the boatyard it was not that way, they transferred us from Charlotte Harbor Boatyard over to J&R Boat Storage and Services when we finished our bottom paint in January 2018! 
At any rate it, emptied our savings, which had we got to the mooring it would have been only $45 for the last two months! 
 We have never started any “Go Fund Me,” or asked for donations but what we would appreciate is if our readers would look over our book lists and even recommend them to friends as we feel that people will get value out of our publications and it will help us tremendously! 

The book list includes “Road to Freedom,” a complete guide for anyone considering buying an RV.
It starts with selection, financing, and includes all aspects of preparing for life on the road.
 “Camping in Comfort,” Is about traditional camping with tents, and give a light hearted review for new people. 
 “Now for the Davits,” is a construction book for anyone wishing to build Davits from Composites.  
Our other books are entertaining and informative for anyone wanting to live a mobile lifestyle. 
A complete list and web-page information is at the end of the newsletter. 

Dawn and I just had to step back and do some thinking so we booked into Kowechobe Campground (Dinner Island Ranch) for a few days. 
The campground was near our old home in Turkey Creek and Labelle Florida. 
The campground is in the middle (or maybe the edge) of nowhere and totally primitive. 
The engine parts will arrive before we get back to Englewood.
 After arriving back at the boatyard the job of dismantling the Exhaust Manifold and resetting the Throttle Cable took up nearly all day. 
During the teardown it was discovered the cooling system is also going to need to be flushed mostly because of the previous oil leak.  
To keep the motor home cool we set up the camp stove and cooked outside. 
 Returning to the boat the next week the entire cooling system was dismantled and flushed out.
When the old oil cooler leaked oil it made “gunk” which could cause the heat exchanger to clog.
 The new toilet will be properly installed and will surpass Coast Guard Regulations. 
In between all this we had our various doctor’s appointments. 
 Most of our time at the boatyard is from Friday afternoon to Sunday Evening, as during the week our motor home would be in the way to move boats.
 Returning the cooling system was re-assembled and preliminary planning to install the new toilet.
In the process the new Alternator and wiring was also installed. 
 We celebrated Easter Sunday at the boatyard as well. 
 Things are progressing however it is looking like the best plan is to wait out the Hurricane Season and return in September.   
Dawn especially is concerned about possible damage because of where the mooring is located. 
We  will leave the boat in storage at J&R.
Our goal is to have everything ready to launch in September when we return.
 Most of our work is minor.
While working in the head, a water leak developed where the previous owners had spliced in the line for the toilet.  
Hard to believe they used their fresh water to flush!
The original brass compression fittings were still in place with adapters for a hose.
It took some finesse and a tubing bender to get the copper line straight again and reconnect properly. 
The absolute fun part is getting the thick almost unbendable sewer hose in place and connected to the new “Y-Valve.”
The laws were different in1981 when the boat was built and there is precious little room to work.
A section of the floor had to be removed and an access hatch created for this purpose. 
 During this process the boat is in worse condition than a house remodel.
There is just no place to store things.
Things that are normally under the deck contain necessary tools and materials so everything is spread everywhere.
Sometimes it takes longer to find a tool than to use it!
 Our last visit for this month was to feed the new sewer hose into the area under the V-Berth where the waste holding tank is located. 
There is a small space to work with and the hole is the same size as the hose on both sites.
Naturally neither place can be reached so something must be used to guide the hose and it also must flex!
It took about 3 hours and thankfully it only must be done once!
All this is to bring the 1981 plumbing up to the 2022 Coast Guard and State standards. 
 The requirements for all sanitary systems (potty) is that any outlet to the ocean must be locked and while locked it is directed into a holding tank.
The holding tank may be emptied by an onshore pump out station much like our motor home. 
 We had been parking Sunday nights at Lemmon Bay as it is cool and picturesque.
The Sea Breeze made comfortable sleeping and a respite from work in the hot boat.
Sadly this last week end the Sheriff informed us that the park was no longer allowing any parking after 10 PM!  
 Steve and Sue extended the hospitality of their driveway so we can finish the boat.
This Christmas Steve bought a beautiful metal bird in the walkway. 


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