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News from the Dawn Treader

and the SunChaser

November 2021


Last month was a very busy month, this month started in Bullhead City with a visit with friends Craig and Andrea who were staying at Bullhead River Park. 
They also have an RV and a Boat and spend winters south.  
Two days at the Riverside RV Park which is now the second paid park for us, $20 per night? 
From here it was a trip up to the Grand Canyon.
This was the first time for Dawn.
The campground there was down a fire road for BLM Disbursed Camping.
The stay was two days then a trip to the Grand Canyon Overlook in Grand Canyon National Park.
Our entry was free with our senior pass.
Before leaving, we attended the I-Max presentation.
Down the hill to Tucson for the next destination, and indefinite stay, while Dawn visits family and I visit with friends.
The motor home had the headlights restored at Wal-Mart in Marana so we can see better at night.
We don’t drive at night often but it was needed. 
From the forest and 58 degrees to the desert with 90, we camped in Park Link Campground near Red Rock and Picacho Peak, Arizona.
Farther up the road is the Biosphere, which is now used by the University of Arizona. 
The original experiment of a sealed environment failed because the water became too polluted. 
It was so peaceful at Park Link that we came back after going to dump the holding tanks, fill up with gas, propane, and water.
After staying three more days we went into Tucson to pick up our mail waiting at Dawn’s brother’s house, we stayed at Jim’s house another two days waiting for the other two LED light fixtures, replacements for the old florescent lights.
Our stay in Tucson proper included visiting Dawn’s Mother and brother, and my ex-boss as well as Richard, who is a flight instructor. 
The SunChaser got a bath at Jim’s before leaving. 
We parked at Melody’s overnight for the dinner party and wound up staying longer than planned due to an unfortunate accident. 
Melody has been doing home improvement but we have plenty of room to park.
She is down to only one rescue horse at present.
Bird (the horse) loves our company and Dawn is running with her. 
The Newsletter is going out early this month due to an accident.
We are going to stay at Michael and Melody’s ranch for probably the rest of the month.
I really pulled a back muscle bad trying to move a refrigerator and we decided to just stay put till it heals.
When we leave Arizona, a brief stop in Texas is planned to visit one of my sailing Mentors.
Ivan has just put the finishing touches on his 91 Beneteau 361 and we are going to stop by to admire it! 
From there, it is just a matter of a week or two before we hit the boatyard and continue to ready Dawn Treader for Splash! (Splash for non sailors is put back in the water!)
Therefore my back must be ready for work! 


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