News from the Dawn Treader

and the SunChaser

March 2021


The Month of March finds us still working to splash the boat.

After waiting 6 weeks for a part to come from England only to find that another place in the US had one in stock!

The frustration is that it caused us an extra $600 in charges at the boatyard!


While we were waiting many little jobs around the boat were completed.

It was our hope that we would have some time to use the boat for some short trips before the hurricane season starts around May / June.


One of the little projects was to replace the Main Sheet Storage and Step which formerly was wood and literally rotted from the inside out.

The new one is again made from all composites

So there will be no more rot! 


The other major project was to completely sort through everything on board our boat!

This is a hard sort and so far all duplicate tools have been “donated” to the people at the boatyard.

All other items will be sorted according to need for maintaining the boat.

One of the things about a mobile life is shedding all but necessities.


In preparation for the engine work the fuel tank was drained and cleaned and the “Racor” Fuel Filter dismantled and thoroughly cleaned.

All new fuel filters for both engine and Racor as well!

The Racor also has a water separator to prevent any engine damage.


After sorting tools and relieving the tool box of all the “mis-matched” sockets, wenches, and other useless items, the tool box is about 20 pounds lighter!


The boat is scheduled to go to a mooring for the summer while we tour in the motor home.

Our plans are to visit with some of Dawn’s friends in Mexico near the San Diego border.


Dawn wants to sew a new sail cover and we hope to have time for that as well.

We will be putting up the main sail this month.

Slowly but surely the boat is becoming livable again.


Two last minute additions is that I had my eye exam to determine cataract augury and our generator in the motor home took a dive.

Hopefully the Gen-set is a simple thing; we take it in a couple days!

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