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Special Thanks to Chris Thompson (Big Help from a Friend in Arizona), Jeff and Rita Buck (our camp hosts), Steve and Sue Rosen (for their offer of a place to stay in Florida), and Doug and Prudy Albrecht (for supplying us with more photos.)

October 2022


FEMA Adventure

After 3 calls and couple of hours we got an agent.

The 20 minutes of confusing questions ensued!

We now have a registration number and get to wait and see.


Last month’s hurricane cut a swath of destruction through the central gulf coast of Florida.

All three boat yards and the Marinas suffered considerable damage.

Our friends Steve and Sue, and Doug and Prudence had damage but no water flooding.


Not much is happening this month Steve gave me a report on the latest boat condition.

There was not serious hull damage and other than everything being a mess below there appeared no water leaked inside.


The mast broke about a foot from the bottom and bent near the spreaders.

The davits broke off cleanly with no deck damage and the solar panels are probably in the next county.

The lifelines may also need replacing.

Considering the winds were clocked at over 200 MPH the boat survived well.


However we did get a $1,300 bill for “Removing the mast: and “Resetting the boat on the stands.”

We received no prior notification and I would not have approved the way it was just cut off.


Dawn will remain in Mississippi while I meet with the adjuster.

Jeff and Rita are still overloaded at the laundry and we have been filling in as best as we can.

The only memorable thing is that Jeff celebrated his birthday with a dinner and dance.

They introduced us to a great little restaurant, Dixie Diner. 


There is just not much to report as we have not traveled or surveyed the sailboat.

The Chickens still follow us around and squawk for a handout,

The grass is not growing as fast so I do not mow as often but there is other machine maintenance to do.

Sometimes it is pleasant to sit at the pond and watch the geese.


At the laundry Dawn sorts and folds as well as wraps orders.

I’m fixing all the carts that need the wheel bearings greased.

During the week Jeff and Rita stay in their motor home parked at the laundry.

Many of the jobs I have are things that really need to be done but there is no time for Jeff to do them.


Our book list has added one more book:


Two Years Behind the Wheel Part One

Road to Freedom

Camping in Comfort

Now for the Davits

So You Want to Live on a Sailboat

Misadventures of a Sailing Poet