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May 2017

Alabama Motel

Texas - Ron's Goat

Texas - Clementine

Texas - Morning Walk

Texas - Church

Texas - Junk store

Texas - Morgan's Junk Store

Jasper, Texas - Antique Loom at Jasper Museum

Texas - Jasper, Downtown

Texas - Jasper, Courthouse

Texas - Jasper, Sculpture

Texas - Jasper, Sculpture

Texas - Jasper, Downtown

Texas - Jasper, Downtown Gazebo and View

Flight layover at LA

Lake Tahoe - Our Hotel

Lake Tahoe - Samuel Clemens Sculpture

Lake Tahoe - View across the lake

Lake Tahoe - Anchored Boats

Lake Tahoe Snow

Lake Tahoe Marina

Lake Tahoe - Classic Buick Skylark

Lake Tahoe - View From Harrah's

Carson City Governor's Mansion

Virginia City

Virginia City Silver Queen

Virginia City Silver Dollar Portrait

Virginia City Opera House

Virginia City Emporium

Virginia City Overview

Virginia City Overview

Virginia City Ore Cart

Virginia City Ore Transport

Virginia City Water Wheel Sluce

Virginia City Mine Equipment

Virginia City Assay Furnace

Virginia City Old Truck

Virginia City Old Truck

Virginia City Comstock Monument

Virginia City Comstock Plaque

Virginia City Pony ExpressPlaque

Flight Back to Houston

Cajaun Tails, Lake Charles

New Neighbor

New Neighbor

Country Home Camper

back home

Country Home Camper

front view

VW Interior 1

VW Interior 2

VW Interior 3


April 2017

Miami Dock

Miami Along The Causeway

Miami Container Docks

Miami Container Docks

Miami Bay Overview

Miami Skyline

More Miami Skyline

Miami Marina

Cruise Ship Art

Cruise Ship Art

Our Cabin

"Orlando" our Room Steward

First Sunset at Sea

Passing Ship

Saint Thomas Bay

Saint Thomas Bay

Saint Thomas Bay

Saint Thomas Dock

Saint Thomas Docks

Saint Thomas Dock from Our Deck

Saint Thomas Business

Saint Thomas Kmart

Saint Thomas Overlook

Saint Thomas Homes

Saint Thomas Cliff Homes

Saint Thomas Inlet near Megan's Bay

Saint Thomas - Dawn and Charlie

Saint Thomas - Charlie at Megan's Beach

Saint Thomas Megan's Beach

Saint Thomas Overlook

Saint Thomas Overlook

Saint Thomas Private Yard

Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas Senor Frog's

Saint Thomas Panorama

Leaving Saint Thomas Dock

Sunset from the Ship

NCL wake

Tortola Panorama

Tortola Bay from the Deck

Tortola Bay With Anchored Boats

Tortola Dock and Entry

Tortola Markets

Tortola Downtown

Tortola House Built around a Rock

Tortola Marina

Tortola - Origina Mini-Cooper

Tortola - They Drive Funny

Tortola Pier Park

Tortola Cruise Ship Dock

Tortola - Life Boat Practice

Tortola Barges in the Bay

Leaving Tortola - Sailboats at anchor

Nassau Docking

Nassau Waterfront

Nassau Docks

Nassau Beach

Nassau Treasure Island

Nassau Schooner on the Dock

Nassau Government House

(Passport Stamped)

Nassau Internantional Finance District

Nassau Street

Nassau Townhouse

Nassau Pirate Museum

(Closed for Good Friday)

Nassau - Senor Frog's

Nassau Horse and Buggy Ride

Nassau Policeman

Nassau Monument to

Queen Victoria


Towel Art - Elephant

Towel Art - Penguin

Towel Art - Seal

Towel Art - Seal

Towel Art - Mouse

Tug Back Home in Miami


March 2017

Sunset over the bay

Birds eye view of Dawn Treader

View from across the channel

Rare photo of Dawn


Dinner II

Lunch on the way to Tybee Islan

Tybee Lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse

Gun implacement

Downtown Tybee

Beach at Tybee

Beach at Tybee

Savannah River

Across Savannah River

River walk Savannah

Candy Factory

Cabin at Kitty Hawk

View from the cabin



Evening at the cabin

Across the way from the cabin

Big Andirondack chair at Walmart, Kitty Hawk

Wright Memorial

Panorama from Wright Monument

Wright Brothers workshop

Bronze Sculpture

Bronze sculpture from behind

Pirate cove

Marina at Roanoke

Marina at Roanoke

Walkway to beach at Kill Devil Hill

Beach at Kitty Hawk

Along the Beach

Orlando Power Pole

Sunset off the stearn

Comic of the month


February 2017

Salvage attempt overview

Salvage attempt

Salvage attempt

Salvage attempt overview

Cypress Point Orlando check in

Cypress Point Orlando office

Cypress Point Orlando pool

Cypress Point Orlando - Efficiency Room

Cypress Point Orlando view

Our building and car -Cypress Point Orlando

Oishi Japanese restaurant


Oishi Japanese restaurant

Visiting neighbors

Overview at the dock

Overview at the dock with dock owner's boat

Our boat - Portside

Starboard side

View from the stern

Sunset from the stern

Sunrise on the way to Savannah

Sunset over the bay

Sunrise over the bay

Neighbor in sailing dinghy

Quarter berth finished

Kayak ( Sold!)


Imitation duck at Cypress Point

Break in davit

Broken Davit

One armed bandit

Pete's new boat

Salvage attempt

January 2017

Refurbishing Quarterberth

Refinishing Quarterberth

Finished Quarterberth

Finished Quarterberth

Finished V-berth

Custom Bedding

Working on the gunnells

View of the dock

Boat at rest

Boat at rest



Sunset along the dock

View off the bow

Windlass and bow

View of finished boat

Mystic Dunes

Mystic Dunes Kitchen

Mystic Dunes Bedroom

Mystic Dunes Patio view

Mystic Dunes Miniature golf

Miniature golf start

Mystic Dunes statue

Mystic Dunes miniature golf view

flowers on the course


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