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January 2015

Leaving Joanne's in Tucson

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio River Walk

The Alamo

San Antonio

San Antonio Art

Torch of Life San Antonio

Saint statue at San Antonio

Western Art Museum Assn

1880's Stage Stop - San Antonio

Western Art Museum

Best Cajun Dinner - Lake Charles

Welcome to Mississippi

NASA Center


NASA Center

NASA with NOAA Display

Battleship Alabama


Replica of Confederate Submarine

Stage Stop for San Antonio

Inside of WW2 Submarine

Battery Panel WW2 Submarine

Galley Aboard USS Alabama

Prop from Battleship Alabama

B25 Display

A view of the Gulf

Another Great Seafood Restaurant

Texas Bull and my Daughter

Back Home at our Boat

Really great food stop

Our Historic room in San Antonio

Lobby in the Historic O'Brian Hotel

Historic O'Brian Hotel

Sky Tower San Antonio

San Antonio River Walk

February 2015

Testing our new 10 foot dingy

Swamp Cabbage Festival

Rides for the kiddies

Lots of food

Armadillo Race Booth

Homemade hamburger buns

Sunset on the bay

Dolphin Lane Street Sign Turkey Creek

Down the canal - Turkey Creek

Clewiston Museum

Clewiston Museum

Clewiston Sign

Cane Grinding Tools

March 2015

Ilie's Boat Port Side

Port Side Deck

Deck and Rail

Another View of Ilie's Boat

Side and Rail trim painted

State Inspectors in an Air Boat

Our New Magma Grill

Another Volkswagen Camper Idea

April 2015

Mr. Perkins

Working on Mr. Perkins

Working on Mr. Perkins

Looking Down the Access Hole

View into the Rudder

Trawler Overview

Trawler Paint Front Deck

Trawler port side paint

Trawler Starboard paint

Trawler trim and finish

Starting Work on kayak

Turkey Creek Yacht Club

Turtle sunning by our dock

View of Dawn Treader on River

New Magma grill

Magma grill view

First steak on the new grill

Pork Chops

Corn on the cob and hamburgers

Day's catch on the grill

Day's catch,

2 catfish and 2 bluegill

Our china cabinet

New portable air conditioner

Guess what he sells

... It's all natural Honey!

May 2015

Mr. Perkins

Steering system

Steering system under the cockpit

Cockpit storage before

Making parts for cockpit storage

Laminating cockpit storage floor

Painting storage floor

Cockpit storage floor installed

View of the engine compartment

Ilie's Trawler cockpit painted

Grove City Motel

Grove City Motel

At Manasota Beach

with Ilie and Susan

Susan relaxing on the beach

At the beach

Last stop on the way home

Favorite restaurant

Tarp after the storm

All that's left

New tarp installed

repairing deck air unit

Deck air unit re-installed

Portable Air Unit

Outside view air vent

Hatch vent for air unit inside

June 2015

Back side of Mr. Perkins

Refinishing cockpit step

Refinishing companionway

Wood parts finished

Front hatch

Constructing panel

New parts ready for painting

View of storage under deck

Rear bulkhead and fresh water system

New engine compartment storage

Under deck view

New hatch with air conditioning

Really handy ice cube tray

Ilie's trawler

Trawler BIG engines

Trawler engine compartment

Local grocery store

Local ACE hardware

Stormy weather approaches

After the wind

Repaired tarp

Quiet evening

FWC spraying plants

Seal on the dock, CA

Male elephant seal, CA

Jumping dolphin, CA

Elephant seal, CA

Seals on bouy, CA

"Gertrude" - limpkin

"Gertrude" - limpkin

"Gertrude" - limpkin

Display at the American Legion, Rotonda

New ESA board

July 2015

Sails Removed

Water lily bloom

Water lily bloom

Removing old mast seal

Removing old mast seal

Preparing mast seal

Mast seal completed

Scrubbing ropes

New sound Deadener

More sound Deadener

Refinished companionway ladder

companionway ladder installed with portable air conditioner

Dawn's garden

4th of July steaks

4th of July dinner

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp

Summer Sailing camp safety boat

Summer Sailing camp - repairing a boat

Mosquito Larvae infestation - Ugh!

Back Home


August 2015

Cockpit - Before

Cockpit - Start

Floor removed

Floor removed

Underside of removed Floor

Floor stripped

Delaminated wood pieces

Delaminated core

First layer of fiberglass mat

Gluing spacer

Filling in the core space

Ready to replace Floor

September 2015

Nida-Core Sheet

Parts for davits from Nida-core

Davits ready for paint

Cockpit rail

Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs revisited

Boardwalk Buildings

by the Diamond Resort

Daytona Raceway

Daytona Beach

Joe's Crab Shack

Daytona Beach

Joe's Crab Shack

Cruisin' Cafe

Daytona Beach

Cruisin' Cafe

Daytona Beach

Dayton Beach View

from the Resort

Dayton Beach View

from the Resort

Dayton Beach View from the Resort

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse stairs

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Lens

View from the top of the lighthouse

View from the top of the lighthouse

View from the top of the lighthouse

View from the top of the lighthouse

Cuban raft plaque at Ponce Inlet

Cuban raft at Ponce Inlet

Lighthouse Lens

Lighthouse Lens

Lighthouse Lens

October 2015

Sheet of Nida-Core

Fiberglass Sheet before cutting

Arms cut from sheet

wood for edge trim

Epoxying wood trim

Drilling reenforcement hole

Filling with epoxy mix

Assembled arm

Finished Davits

Finished Davits

Davits with dingy closeup


Servicing winches

winch parts

Ready to reassemble


New pole pockets

Pockets with shock corded

Tarp support using tent poles

Tarp with new supports

Shell Factory Pirate Skeleton

Shell Factory Pirate

Gator Hunters at night

Young Gator

Pork roast on Magma Grill

Daytona, Florida

Daytona Beach

View from our room

Our room

Along the boardwalk

Great Sentiments

November 2015

Charlie at the Shell Factory

Dining room view

(Cherry Lane)

Palm tree

(Cherry Lane)

Star fruit tree

(Cherry Lane)

Mailbox (Cherry Lane)

Morning web

Halloween skeleton

at Dr.'s office

Third day after bypass

(Cherry Lane)

St. James City


(Cherry Lane)

Kitchen (Cherry Lane)

Bedroom (Cherry Lane)

Out back (Cherry Lane)

Out Back (Cherry Lane)

December 2015

Walking on Cherry Lane

Giant Egret Mooching

Pine Island

Winged Guardians

Pine Island

Pine Island Business Street



Matlache Eatery


Funky Matlache business

Matlache Tourist Area

Blooming Orchid

(Steve and Sue's Home)

More Blooming Orchid

(Steve and Sue's Home)

Spider Lily

(Steve and Sue's Home)

Yard Guard

(Steve and Sue's Home)

Farlow's in Englewood

Farlow's Walkway

More Farlow's Walkway

Farlow's Courtyard

More of Farlow's Courtyard

Entry to Farlow's

View of the Gulf

from Pine Island


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